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3 Houston, TX Production Facilities & Display Area                2 Atlanta, GA Locations

New Dealership in Philadelphia, PA

Only Hardwood Exteriors - No "Pressed Board", No "Veneers"

Only  Breezaire, Cellar Mate or WCI Climate Control Systems - No Cheap Substitutes or "Replacements"

Only Winekeeper or Enomatic Commercial Dispensing Systems - Free Pour or Portion Control




America's ONLY Cellar Capable of Residential and Commercial Temperatures (38 - 62 Degrees) For Long Term Storage or Ready to Serve, Quick Recovery, High Volume Applications

 The only wine cellar chosen by the 2004 Rolls Royce Diary

Custom Built Wine Furniture - Residential and Commercial Specifications - We Ship Worldwide

    We readily acknowledge the existence of several high-quality, manufactured alternatives to our furniture.  We will even identify and recommend them, if ChateauCraft is not the most appropriate choice for you.  However:
 ChateauCraft wine cellars are unique among all other nationally available products.  Esthetically, only they are appropriate to the most formal of environments.  Structurally, only they will withstand the most hostile of ambient conditions.  On both counts, only they will meet the "use and abuse" demands of commercial, high volume applications.
Only Chateaucraft offers: 

    True, custom fabrication to specifications.  Not the "mix and match" approach of standard features offered by mass-producers.  We can achieve any "look".
Unit frame construction and all wood components.  There is no MDF, particle board or composite materials as used by volume manufacturers.  (Any cellar will require appropriate insulation and vapor barriers inside the walls.)
3/4" veneers, as opposed to the 1/8", 1/4" or plastic laminates used elswhere.
15-year cabinet warranty, not the usual 1, 3 or 5 years.
"Exact match" finishing, variable dimensions, digital display, lighting, locks, interior power source, extended compressor warranties, space-efficient top exhaust configuration, high capacity adjustable shelving and many other features at no additional charge.
Feature for feature, a per bottle cost equivalent to, or less than, any other "custom cellar".
$2 million product liability coverage.

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